Guidance to help you unleash the ideas
and initiatives you have to make your business better

Do you want to grow and develop your business?


Are you looking for guidance to help you unleash the ideas and initiatives you have been thinking about to make your business better?

Using our experienced team, we work with you to develop your growth revue plans, by focussing on controlled business expansion using logical, strategic decision making.

  • Imagine what it would be like to have an even greater sense of purpose, a clear sales growth strategy and action plan.
  • What positive impact would it have to win more new business and what would it mean to you to retain even more of your existing customers?
  • Develop your growth strategies and actions plans for your business and bring your purpose and values to life.
  • We will help you develop a clear sales strategy and approach, helping you follow a brilliant “prospect to win” process.
  • Creating winning bids, proposals, and presentations. If these are well thought out and focussed they can help you both retain and grow your existing customers.

We work with you to help you implement a brilliant account management proposition and approach, helping you explore the full growth potential of your customers and business.

  • Generating brand loyalty and help your customers become both partners and promoters.

We work with small to medium sized business across all sectors – we know that ALL businesses are different! All have their own unique “road blocks”.

  • Getting your head straight about what you want your business to do for you.
  • Getting your business set up so that you run it rather than it running you.

All businesses are complicated systems – lots of things have to be done well together to enable a successful business to work. And the business tends only to be as strong as its weakest link.

We work across all areas of your business to help make sure that each area is fit for purpose and working well with the other areas.

Hand stacking of six wooden cubes with a red arrow pointing up representing growth
Businessman draws an increasing trend bar chart with an upwards pointing arrow above it and an office in the background


Problems and pain points in businesses often manifest in different areas from their root causes. We specialise in taking the time to understand you and your business so we can find the root causes of problems and then work with you/alongside you to fix them.

A key differentiator is that we’re ‘sleeves rolled up’ people. We know that in an SME there just is not the resource and time available to get everything done so it’s all hands to the pump. We are more interested in getting it done than we are producing fancy reports and documents.

Some specific issues and pain points that we regularly encounter and deal with:

  • Lack of clear direction and goals for the business
  • Muddled or unclear strategy about how to achieve the goals
  • Ineffective marketing / insufficient leads or opportunities for sales
  • Ineffective sales / insufficient turnover
  • Cashflow problems (lack of cash or failure to see issues coming)
  • People issues (lack of accountability, motivation, retention, conflict)
  • General lack of grip and control
  • Inability to raise finance
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Five arrows pointing right with the centre arrow glowing white like a lightbulb and extending further than the other 4 arrows.

Sometimes there are exceptional issues and decisions that fall outside the normal gambit of running a business. In these cases we can offer initially a new pair of eyes, and then help by rolling up our sleeves and working alongside you to solve a myriad of issues such as:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • Crisis resolution
  • Emergency financing
  • Exit or sale planning
  • Distress resolution and turnaround
  • Potential insolvency situations

J. Moreby

Vision Technician

Having used eDivert Chichester to cover my calls; I was still struggling to cope. I asked Stewart to sit down with me and help me better understand my business pain points. Sitting down with Stewart we were able to identify where the blockages were in my business and more importantly where the skill sets I had were letting my business down. Using Stewart as an advisor I was able to develop a customer service proposition that better suited my business model. This afforded  me the time to meet with, and develop new customers. Entrusting my back office support to eDivert Chichester has allowed me to grow my business in a sustainable way. More importantly it has reduced much of the stress that I was feeling. Who would have known a couple of chats with Stewart could have such results. I urge you to do the same!